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About UTemp

UTemp provides the University of Toronto with a diverse range of talented temporary staff skilled in covering all casual vacancies (less than six months): peak periods, vacations, illness, resignations and special projects. We handle each project with a unique hands-on approach to ensure we find the best candidate for the job. We strive to create long-lasting and successful relationships by finding individuals with strong office skills and an open-minded work ethic.

We cover all types of assignments: administrative (clerical to executive assistant), office management, accounting (experience using SAP is ideal), finance, IT, website management, human resources, event planning, student services,fundraising, and project management just to name a few.

Desired Skills & Experience

Some of the best experience is having work experience in a college or university environment in any of the areas outlined above. We are looking for a blend of recent work experience and strong administrative skills. We are seeking individuals who understand that the work we provide is short term (i.e., four hours to five and a half months), and placement is subject to the types of job requests we receive.

We require flexible people that understand that working ‘temp’ is an excellent way to gain experience working at the University of Toronto, while building the skills and abilities that will serve them well if their aim is to join the University on a longer term basis.

At UTemp, we pride ourselves on the high number of UTemp employees who are able to make the transition from short-term casual employment to appointed positions within the University of Toronto.

We are looking for individuals that are knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic, with demonstrated ability to pick up new skills quickly, experienced using Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, project management, etc. and that are ready for a challenge.


Variable, as we are more interested in your work history.


  • Three plus years of related work experience.
  • Demonstrated problem-solving and organizational skills are necessary.
  • Demonstrated aptitude for self-directed learning and innovative thinking.
  • Ability to learn quickly with minimal training.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Flexibility, initiative, and ability to work and learn proactively, creatively, and independently.
  • Strong public service orientation, excellent communication skills, emotionally intelligent with evidence of effective teamwork are required.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform duties independently and carry out projects of varying complexity for extended periods of time.


Please note that we only accept applications to the UTemp database using our online application website. Please include a Microsoft Word copy of your resume and complete all the information requested. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

We thank all those that apply to UTemp and we keep your resume on file, however, we only contact those individuals that we feel meet our immediate needs. Applying to UTemp is not a guarantee for placement.

Frequently Asked Questions by Applicants

Who is eligible to apply to UTemp?

Anyone who wishes to work at the University of Toronto on a temporary basis is welcome to apply.  Most of our positions are administrative in nature and we recruit new candidates year round.

How do I register with UTemp?

The first step is to upload a Microsoft Word copy of your resume and cover letter. It is important to complete, in full, the online application and answer the required questions. Resumes are reviewed and kept in our database indefinitely, and we urge you to update your availability and resume and cover letter regularly. If and when a suitable job opportunity arises, a UTemp representative will contact you directly.

I submitted an application online. Why have I not heard from UTemp?

When an application is initially submitted you will receive an email from UTemp stating it has been received and we will contact you only if we have a suitable position. We are fortunate to receive a large number of resumes each day and are only able to meet with a small selection of candidates who meet our immediate requirements. We ask that you do not reapply, but update your application as your situation changes.

What type of work does UTemp offer?

UTemp provides the University with coverage for a variety of casual vacancies: peak periods, vacations, illness, resignations and special projects. We cover all types of assignments, including but not limited to: administration (from clerical to executive assistants), office management, accounting (FIS or SAP experience is ideal), finance, event planning, student services, human resources, IT,  website administration, project management and communications. Please refer to the career section to view the types of positions that are frequently available at the University of Toronto.

Are temporary positions posted online?

No.  UTemp does not post specific positions as the turnaround time for most assignments is very short.

How long are the assignments and the expected hours of work?

The length of assignments and hours of work vary and are dependent upon our clients’ needs. The duration of UTemp assignments range between four (4) hours and five and a half months. Normal office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:45am to 5:00pm. The average assignment length is approximately one to three months.

Are there any benefits or incentives to working at UTemp?

Yes. You can gain valuable experience in an academic environment, work in diverse departments, and learn and apply new skills. These skills are often viewed positively when applying for appointed or term positions at U of T. After a qualifying period, temporary staff also gain access to specific training offered through the Organizational Development & Learning Centre at the University, to further develop their skills.

How soon will I get a call for employment?

Our hiring process is complete once your first assignment is secured. Until that date, you remain in a pool of candidates that have been interviewed and tested, but have not yet been placed. Once you are placed in your first assignment, you are considered an employee of UTemp, and will be considered for all assignments for which you are qualified. Our aim is to place our available employees in assignments year-round. However, we cannot guarantee continuous employment. Placement depends on our clients’ needs, individual flexibility, availability, and how many assignments are received by UTemp.

How often can I expect to work as a UTemp employee?

There can be no guarantee of consecutive assignments. As with all temporary work, frequency and length of assignments will vary according to clients’ staffing needs.

How long can I work for UTemp?

The choice is yours. We have temporary employees who are looking for full-time hours at the University and others that want a more flexible and open work arrangement.

What hourly wage can I expect?

The hourly wage is determined by the nature of the work and is in accordance with the University of Toronto and USW Union agreements. Currently, the minimum wage for an administrative assignment is $15 per hour.

Is there a dress code?

The dress code varies across departments in the University. However, we recommend business casual attire.

Can I work as a UTemp employee and continue to seek permanent employment?

Many UTemp applicants and employees apply to UTemp with the intention of gaining experience at the University, in the hopes of obtaining permanent employment. If you are on assignment, and you find employment elsewhere, please note that two weeks’ notice is required.