Help for Current UTemp Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

How are hourly rates determined?

When a department requests a temporary employee, UTemp assesses the job description and determines the job classification, if one has not already been identified by the department. This information is used to assign the hourly rate.

What type of payroll deductions can I expect?

Income tax, employment insurance and CPP contributions are mandatory and are deducted from each bi-weekly pay. The amount of income tax deducted is based on the information provided by the employee on their federal and provincial tax forms. If placed in a Union classified position, Union dues will also be deducted.

Am I entitled to benefits?

No. UTemp employees are classified as casual workers and are not eligible to participate in the University of Toronto benefits plan. You are, however, entitled to 4% vacation pay.

What is the timeline for submitting timesheets?

Timesheets are submitted to UTemp every Friday by noon. All timesheets received after the deadline will be processed in the next pay cycle. Please follow these Timesheet Do’s and Dont’s before you submit your timesheet.

Am I entitled to statutory holiday pay?

UTemp employees are eligible provided they work before and after the holiday. As statutory holiday pay is calculated by the payroll system, no hours are to be listed on the timesheet for these holidays. The only exception is if the employee actually works on the holiday. If this is the case, they are then eligible for 1.5 times their hourly wage.

Will I be paid for time off during the University holiday closure?

You are eligible for statutory holiday pay on December 25th, December 26th and January 1st (see above eligibility regarding statutory holiday pay). Other days during the holiday closure are unpaid, unless actually worked.

Will I be paid for overtime worked?

Overtime begins after 44 hours worked in a given week. These hours should be pre-approved in advance by your direct supervisor and forwarded to UTemp before they are worked. For these hours, 1.5 times the hourly rate will apply.

If I require unscheduled time off, whom do I contact?

Please advise UTemp as soon as possible when unauthorized time off is required. We will discuss this with the department directly and arrange for your replacement, should one be necessary.

Will I be paid for attending interviews or AMS training?

No. We are unable to pay for time spent in short interviews with prospective managers, and training is regarded as a career investment.

What happens if I leave my assignment before it is finished?

We ask that you provide UTemp with 2 weeks’ notice in order for us to find your replacement.

What happens if the department asks me to stay in the assignment past the agreed upon end date?

You are only responsible for the position until the end date listed on your assignment details email. All extension requests should be discussed with UTemp.

If the department does not have enough work and sends me home early, what happens?

UTemp has a 4 hour minimum charge in this type of situation. Please note any instances when you were sent home early on your timesheet. However, if you chose to leave early, the 4 hour minimum does not apply.

Can a department end a whole assignment early?

Yes. It is not unusual that a department can only estimate how long it will require temporary assistance. If adjustments are needed, the client will notify UTemp as soon as possible and we will contact you right away.

Can I work directly with a department where I have been placed by UTemp before?

As a UTemp employee, you are not eligible to accept any assignments directly from the department. Should you be approached by the department you are working in or have worked for before through UTemp, please let us know as soon as you can.

When an assignment ends, will I be placed again immediately?

Each assignment is an individual temporary placement. As each one ends, you will be considered for other appropriate assignments. It may be necessary for you to compete for certain positions as some departments require their own interview process. While we aim for continuous employment opportunities, we cannot guarantee them.

What is the 420 Agreement?

When a UTemp employee has been working in the same department for 420 consecutive hours (approximately 3 months), the department can request (in writing) that the employee be transferred from the UTemp payroll to their payroll. When the casual assignment ends, the employee reverts back to UTemp for future assignments. A detailed explanation of the 420 Agreement is given here.

I was previously a UTemp employee – how do I reactivate my file?

Please update and/or submit your current profile/resume through our website using your user name and password. It is important that you include your previous UTemp experience on your newly updated resume.

Is a performance review requested from the department manager after an assignment?

Yes. At the end of each week or longer assignment, UTemp sends a confidential evaluation form to your direct supervisor. If completed, and if permission to do so is granted by your supervisor, UTemp will share these results with you.

Should I advise UTemp when applying to term or continuing positions on campus?

This is not mandatory, but good practice, as UTemp may be asked to provide a reference.

Am I considered internal or external when applying to appointed or term positions on the U of T Careers page?

All UTemp employees are considered external applicants unless you are in the USW redeployment pool.

Can I use UTemp as a reference?

Yes. All requests should be made to the Manager of UTemp directly. Information from assignment evaluations and departmental feedback will be relied upon when giving all references if it is available.