Hire from UTemp

Benefits of Hiring from UTemp

UTemp is an internal staffing service providing temporary employees for the University community. Our casual employees can cover administrative functions: junior to senior, full or part time, short or long term. As part of the University, we understand your needs.

Contact us:

Email: utemp@utoronto.ca
Phone: 416.978.8367
Download a Job Order Request form

We provide expertise in:

  • Temporary casual staff for assignment: USW, PM and Confidential;
  • Professional & Business Managers;
  • Accounting;
  • University of Toronto AMS system (e.g. Financial Information System or FIS);
  • Repository of Student Information (ROSI/ACORN); and,
  • ARBOR, Blackboard and other U of T systems;
  • Unusual & unique assignments.

Benefits include:

  • Fast, reliable, cost-effective service from experienced Recruitment and Sourcing Professionals;
  • Our ‘420 hour’ agreement – when a UTemp employee has been in the same assignment for 420 consecutive hours (approximately 3 months), you can request that the UTemp employee be transferred directly to your payroll, at no additional cost;
  • We do all the timekeeping and payroll;
  • Billing is completed every two weeks through the Financial Information Systems (FIS), no GST;
    Funds spent stay within U of T;
  • Wages are compliant with all U of T policies and collective agreements;
  • No ‘finder’s fee’ is charged should you hire the UTemp employee to an externally posted appointed position.
  • Peace of mind knowing your skill shortage will be managed while you recruit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a request for temporary assistance?

The following options are available – You can telephone your request to 416.978.8367 or download and complete a Job Order Request form. It is important that you fill out all the requested information so we may send you candidate resumes that meet your specific needs.

If I want to hire a UTemp employee, what information will you require?

We will require your exact location, to whom the UTemp employee will report, a position description, org unit and and pay level (if available), Union or confidential/non-union, computer skills required, replacement or overflow position, start and end dates and days and hours of work.

Please note: UTemp is an internal department of the University of Toronto and we can only provide temporary staff to the University Community. If you are an outside company wishing to hire a recent graduate, please visit the University of Toronto Career Centre .

Once I have placed the request for temporary assistance, what’s next?

A recruitment co-ordinator will send you resumes of those candidates that match your requirements. You can decide if you wish to interview up to three of the candidates received or you can choose from the resumes. Once a selection has been made, a placement confirmation form for review will be sent to you by email. Financial information will be requested at that time and the completed form with your signature must be returned to UTemp within 24 hours of receipt as this is required for billing purposes. Please note that we ask that you limit the number of times a UTemp employee is brought in for interviewing to one, as they are not paid for this time and may not necessarily be the chosen candidate.

How fast can UTemp find someone for me?

If necessary, we can fill a job request very quickly. However, we do recommend that more time be given to ensure successful placements.

How do I know the person is qualified?

Each candidate is screened, interviewed, tested and reference-checked. If required, AMS training is provided through ODLC, at no cost to your department.

What computer testing have UTemp employees completed?

All UTemp employees are tested in Outlook, Word and Excel (2013). On average, our employees test at Intermediate level.

Will UTemp employees have a UTORid?

If the UTemp employee has worked with UTemp previously, it is likely they will have a UTORid. If not, the paperwork can be processed quickly.

Does UTemp supply its employees with an e-token?

UTemp can supply a temporary employee with an e-token. If its easier for the department, you are able to provide the same.

What is the cost of hiring someone from UTemp?

We charge a markup on the wage cost (USW pay rates); because of our internal billing, you are not charged HST.* Furthermore, you may transfer the employee to your payroll at no charge once they have completed 420 hours in the same assignment with your department (see the 420 agreement conditions and guidelines). There is a minimum daily charge of 4 hours.

What kind of agreement will I have to sign?

When negotiations are complete and a UTemp employee has been selected, all agreed upon information (including hourly billing rate) will be verified in a confirmation email sent to you for signing, we will bill internally/bi-weekly. We ask that the confirmation be returned to UTemp within 24 hours. UTemp requires a minimum 24 hours’ notice should the assignment end early. We will notify the employee of this change as soon as possible. Should you require an extension of the end date, we will check availability.

If a UTemp employee is on assignment in a position that is posted externally (term or continuing) and they apply and are the successful candidate, does UTemp charge a finder’s fee?

At this time no fee is charged but we ask that you notify us, for our records so we can change from a bi-weekly to a monthly payout, without disruption to the pay schedule.

If there is a casual vacancy in my department, can a UTemp employee we have used be invited to apply?

No. If an employee is introduced to the department by UTemp, any future casual placements for this employee must be organized through UTemp.

420 Agreement

When a UTemp employee has completed 420 consecutive hours in a single assignment, they can be transferred to the client’s payroll. This saves the client the markup charged by UTemp. This amount covers our UTemp operating costs, with any money left returned to the University. While they are on the 420 agreement, the UTemp employee remains part of UTemp; they are effectively on loan to the department for the duration of the assignment.

When the assignment is completed the UTemp employee is expected to return to the UTemp roster for placement elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 420 Agreement

Is it mandatory that a department take advantage of the 420-hour agreement?

No, this is an agreement that is available to clients on request should they wish to take advantage of it.

Do we have to notify UTemp to transfer a UTemp employee on the 420-hour agreement or is it automatically done?

As it is the client’s choice as to whether or not they wish to request the 420-hour agreement be put into effect, the onus is on the client to contact UTemp and ask that an hour count be done to see if the 420 hours has been reached. This request for a count must be submitted in writing to UTemp. Once a count of the hours has ascertained completion of 420 hours, the agreement will be sent for signing and the UTemp employee advised of the transition. Once the paperwork and client signatures are received, the 420 agreement can be put into effect.

If a UTemp employee is on our payroll for longer than 420 hours, can we still apply? Will we receive a refund beyond the 420 hours?

Yes, you may apply if the UTemp employee has been on your payroll for more than 420 hours. However, there will be no refund on hours already paid in excess of 420. Only once the agreement is in place will the markup be removed. In order for the agreement to be implemented, all the qualifications must be met (i.e. the UTemp employee is in agreement; 420 consecutive hours completed in a single assignment; an hour count completed; the agreement signed). Only at that point will a date for transfer be chosen.

How soon after the 420 hours are completed can we transfer the UTemp employee to our payroll?

Once the paperwork is completed, signed and returned, and an agreement entered into, a date for transfer will be assigned. This date will be at the beginning of a new pay period so that if the UTemp employee is switched to a monthly pay schedule there is no disruption of pay.

When the original assignment is completed can we transfer the UTemp employee to another assignment within our department?

No. When the original assignment is completed, the UTemp employee is expected to return to UTemp for placement in another assignment. Should you wish them to start on another assignment with your department, UTemp will be pleased to discuss this with you. However, in the case of another assignment being started with you, the number of hours completed resets to zero, and a fresh 420 request would need to be initiated in the future. Until the new counter has reached 420 hours, the employee remains on UTemp’s payroll.

What happens to the monies billed?

UTemp is an internal cost recovery unit, a part of  Strategic HR Initiatives. In effect, we bill the University for our services and use these funds to support the work done. We recruit top-notch short-term staff and place them in assignments throughout the University. Our mandate is service to the University – our sole client – and we are in business to ensure that their short- term staffing needs are met. Any monies earned in excess of what we require to find and place great individuals with the University, are directed back to the University.